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Zan-Seyoum Hotel as the name tells, it is located in the Medieval Period Town of Lalibela in North Ethiopia. Lalibela Town which is formerly known by the name Roha was the seat of the Zagwe Dynasty that ruled Ethiopia for 333 years until the year 1270A.D. and Roha was not only centre of power of the Zagwe Dynasty but it is also the center of pilgrimage since the times of the Zagwe Dynasty Kings until present day.

The hotel is named Zan-Seyoum after the name of King Zan-Seyoum who is the father of the famous religious or pious king whose name is King Lalibela who is also known as Saint Lalibela because he is canonized as one of the famous Four Priest Kings of The Zagwe Dynasty.

The reasons behind for pilgrims to flock to this historic town, which has been known by the name Roha for many centuries until later renamed Lalibela as a result of the great works of one of the most beloved kings of the Zagwe Dynasty whose name is King or Saint Lalibela who has become one of the Ethiopian Saints for having created the historic rock hewn churches of Lalibela that represent Jerusalem on African Soil. Lalibela Rock hewn churches were created to represent Jerusalem in Africa in order to alleviate the sufferings and long journeys that African Christians face in crossing jungles, mountains, deserts and the red sea to reach the Holy Land Jerusalem in Israel as pilgrimage had been an age old traditions for Africans since the Pre-Christian Era of the Queen of Sheba.

Zan-Seyoum hotel is located at the heart of the expanding town of Lalibela and it is located a few minutes drive from the historic rock hewn churches of Lalibela and it is just ten minutes on foot from the Mayor’s Office.

Zan-Seyoum hotel is up to the standard of the needs of present day traveling public and fulfills most of the needs of clients that stay at the hotel. Be it holiday, business or Visting Families and Friends for the traveling public, we would like to inform you that the hotel suits the needs of every kind of clients as we have different packages for every form of clientele types.

We do provide one way free shuttle from or to the Lalibela Airport for clients staying at Zan-Seyoum Hotel.

We do have the capabilities in organizing any form of tourism activities whether adventure, sports or Historical Attractions visits, balloon fly over the scenic Lasta Mountains, honey moon or different forms of cultural travels such as trekking in the surrounding mountainous areas by staying at community lodges.

We strive for professionalism in our journey in satisfying the needs of clients that stay at Zan-Seyoum Hotel.

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At 2630m, the average temperature range is approximately 14-18°C, and rainfall levels rise fairly gently between March and June (from 40mm to 70mm),    more...