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Our services include,

1-    Transportation, which can be arranged by the hotel and that can be contracted through the hotel either for short or long travels in the surroundings of Lalibela or to other historical, cultural or natural tourist attractions in Ethiopia.

2-    Tour Services such as package tours that include trekking tours in the surroundings of Lalibela to the Mountains of Lasta that encircle Lalibela & Tour to the Rock hewn churches of Lalibela by official or licensed guides that work particularly for clients staying at Zan-Seyoum Hotel.

3-    Arrangement and special package for Special Interest Tourists such as clients of the hotel that stay long duration of time in Lalibela either for pilgrimage or religious purpose & for writers or historians that would like to stay longer in Lalibela and for those who would like to stay longer either for humanitarian work in the area or for those who work for the benefit of locals in the area, we provide rooms specially allocated for such kind of long stay clients with special price & other benefits.

4-    Meeting Arrangement with prior notification of at least one week in advance.

5-    Planning Your Wedding in Lalibela with prior notification of two months in advance and it can be specially arranged either at the historic attractions or the magnificent scenic mountainous villages outside Lalibela in a traditional way.

6-    Special Package for honeymooners with prior notification of at least one week in advance and we will include stay outside Lalibela in the Lasta Mountains where there are community lodges where the couples will have enjoyable time by their own with a translator with them enjoying the local food, local culture and the most peaceful moments alone in the middle of the Lasta Mountains of Ethiopia.

7-    Arrange Traditional Ethiopian Cooking classes and the cooking classes take place in a traditional living house in a village about half an hour drive outside Lalibela and we will need prior notification of three days in advance and classes can be for a few hours for one day or few hours every day for several days depending on the time that clients have. We have taxi service for cooking classes.

CAMPING:- For guests with their own camping gears or caravan cars, we provide the camping ground with in our hotel vicinity with fair and reduced price compared to guests who seek for the camping gears from the hotel. We have common rest rooms and shower for guests staying at the hotel’s camping ground
PARKING AND GARDEN:- Zan-Seyoum Hotel has ample parking area for guests staying at the hotel and the garden has beautiful fauna within the hotel vicinity.

The hotel is built in the compound of two thousand meter square area, which gave the hotel ample parking area and garden for guests staying at our hotel.

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At 2630m, the average temperature range is approximately 14-18°C, and rainfall levels rise fairly gently between March and June (from 40mm to 70mm),    more...