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Innovative travel experiences in and around Lalibela at unbeatableprice! From the awe-inspiring Abune Yosef Trek to the astoundingLalibela churches, from the beauty of the iconic Community Treks to the enchanting mystery of Yimrehane Kiristos monastery, Our travel team continues to offer unique trekking, historical and cultural tours off the beaten path!

Lalibela Churches

Experience a private tour of the astounding churches of Lalibela with a friendly personal guide from Zan-Seyoum hotel. Our private tours are provided by local tour guides who have a genuine passion to share Lalibela’s unique attractions with you.

Zan-Seyoum hotel offers day, overnight or multi-day trekking holidays around lalibela and will help you experience the breathtaking landscape, stunning scenery, visiting ancient churches on the way and discover unique way of life in the rural Ethiopia.


Abune Yosef

Mount Abune Yosef is a natural attraction that can be reached by trekking; it could be a one night or a multi day’s walk. There is a possibility to see the rare Ethiopian Wolf, the Gelada Baboons and you will appreciate breathtaking sceneries on the way. Mount Abune Yosef is situated at an altitude of 4190m above sea level. At the moment the area is a place where interesting trekking routes are developed and rich in its endemic flora and fauna. Three days trekking program would be great to explore different parts of the Massi. Contact Zan- Seyoum hotel Lalibela for trip arrangements and you will have choices of routes to choose from.

Community Trekking

The Meket Massif, is the gentlest walking of all the community treks around Lalibela, although some walks are quite long, they are all mainly on the flat. The altitude is also between 2,800 and 3,000 meterr for the most part. The Community Tourism treks are a network of community owned and run guest houses that allow visitors to trek through stunning countryside as guests of the communities. These guest houses and treks have been developed over many years to give a unique experience that will enrich your life.

Churches out of Lalibela

The mountains surrounding lalibela are home to many medieval period churches and monasteries, rarely visited by tourists due to their remote locations. If you want to visit these sacred buildings, the best option is to hire a vehicle/mule and local guide from our hotel for a day trip. Asheton Maryam and Yemrehane Kirstos are the two most important sacred destinations around Lalibela.

 Asheton Maryam
The Asheton Maryam monastery is located high above Lalibela on Mount Abuna Yosef at an altitude of nearly 4,000 metres. The semi-monolithic church was carved out of a vertical cliff face and the surface quality of the rock is much rougher than in most other churches of Lalibela. The Asheton Maryam monastery has many interesting treasures and a breathtaking panorama, making the ascent (which can be done on mule back) worthwhile.

Yemrehane Kristos is located in a spectacular natural rock cave. The monastery is believed to have been built in the 11th century under the reign of King Yemrehane Kristos, a predecessor of King Lalibela. The complex includes two structures – a church and an abbey. In contrast to the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, both structures were built as additions to the cave rather than excavated from the cave itself. The design is late-Axumite style, with dark wood beams alternating between layers of white-plastered granite rock.



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Innovative travel experiences in and around Lalibela at unbeatableprice! From the awe-inspiring Abune Yosef Trek to the astoundingLalibela churches,   more...
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At 2630m, the average temperature range is approximately 14-18°C, and rainfall levels rise fairly gently between March and June (from 40mm to 70mm),    more...