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Lalibela Churches Tour

1. Half day lalibela highlight
2. Full day lalibela churches tour

Abuneyosef Trek

1. Lalibela Hudad overnight Trek,
2. Aheton Mariam day trip

Community Trek

1. 2 days Tesfa community treks
2. 3 days Tesfa community treks

Lalibela and Surrounding Trips

1.2 days tour lalibela churches and Yimrha
2.2 days trip lalibela churches, Nakutelab and Yimreha

Lalibela churches and trek

1. 2 days lalibela and Asheton Mariam
2. 3 days lalibela and Abune Yosef
3. 4 days Lalibela and Tesfa community trek

Tour Arrangements
Innovative travel experiences in and around Lalibela at unbeatableprice! From the awe-inspiring Abune Yosef Trek to the astoundingLalibela churches,   more...
Useful  Informations

At 2630m, the average temperature range is approximately 14-18°C, and rainfall levels rise fairly gently between March and June (from 40mm to 70mm),    more...