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Seasons and Weather
At 2630m, the average temperature range is approximately 14-18°C, and rainfall levels rise fairly gently between March and June (from 40mm to 70mm), before shooting up to the 260s in July and August. September is still reasonably wet (110mm), making October the beginning of a dry season that runs right through to mid June.

Zan-Seyoum Guides
 Our guides are a key strength, chosen for their knowledge and passion of the areas that they work in. Our guides are very carefully handpicked and are not just passing through our destinations but are usually locally born with a deep and long term involvement with them; this gives them amazing insights into local culture, history and customs, enabling us to create truly unique itineraries and you to come away with memories to be treasured forever. We believe that a guide can make or break a trip and so invest time and effort to ensure that we’ve chosen correctly.

Zan-Seyoum hotel offers transportation service in and around lalibela. The hotel operates a fleet of vehicles and will arrange your transport from Lalibela to the outskirt hidden churches, and back again at the end. We can also arrange additional journeys up on request.

Foods and Drinks
Ethiopian food is a joy. Meat and veg dishes tend to be spiced with berbere(piper), and normally come in a wat(stew) or tibs(sautéed), with communal injera, a sourdough pancake, the national staple. Ethiopia claims the home of buna(coffee): coffee ceremonies are a ritual hospitality.Tej is a potent honey wine.
Religious festivals
Meskel (Finding of the True Cross): 26/27 September
Genna (Christmas): 6/7 January
Timket (Epiphany): 18/19 January
Fasika (Easter): date varies
Light cotton clothes are best for trekking, but remember it cools down in the shade so a thin long sleeved top or fleece is good to carry in the day pack. It will get cold at night, especially if there is a wind and so a jacket will be nice to put on top. In the higher mountains warmer clothing will be required for days and nights with even woolly hats and gloves useful and a good rain jacket is then important for wind and unexpected showers.
Also remember that Highland Ethiopians are conservative people, and if you are going into churches and their compounds, respectful clothing should be warn, covering your body to include at least shoulders and thighs.
Things to bring for trekking
Torch, small towel, good fleece, wind/rain jacket, walking boots and sandals/flip flops, some snack food, spare batteries for equipment, medical kit, sun cream, hat, lip balm.

GMT+3(summer GMT+2)
International dialing code:

Electrical power
220 volts

Ethiopian birr(ETB) currently 20 ETB to the USD. There are banks and ATMs in Lalibela.
Internet is available in Lalibela.

Tour Arrangements
Innovative travel experiences in and around Lalibela at unbeatableprice! From the awe-inspiring Abune Yosef Trek to the astoundingLalibela churches,   more...
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At 2630m, the average temperature range is approximately 14-18°C, and rainfall levels rise fairly gently between March and June (from 40mm to 70mm),    more...